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Premiere Pro CS5Premiere Pro CS5
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2 Days

Class Fees
1 Student $695
2 Students $1100
3 Students $1450
4+ Students Call


IMPORTANT!!  To demonstrate the full power of the Mercury Playback Engine in Premiere Pro CS5, computers must be fitted with an Adobe approved Nvidia Quadro or GeForce graphics card. These are not cheap.  Art=Visual has the only classroom in Southeast with these cards installed on the student computers.

Note: Maximum class size at our Atlanta classroom is two students, though in most cases if you are the only one to sign up from your organization, you will be the only student. There is no extra charge for 1-on-1 training and no classes are cancelled. Three or more students must train on-site at their place of business. For more information, please read about our class sizes.

Note on Fees:  Multiple student discounts are for multiple students from one organization.

Class Times
Classes can be held at any time per the customer's schedule, but unless arranged otherwise, classes run from 9 AM to 5 PM each day, with an hour for lunch.

Our Premiere Pro Level 2 course picks up where Premiere Pro Level 1 left off.  The skills taught in this course are vital for editing a compelling video project.  Add pizzazz to your video productions with Track Mattes and Green/Blue Screen Keying.  Learn editing techniques used by the pros. Save time with Nested Sequences. Work seamlessly with After Effects and Encore DVD.  Prepare your video for broadcast. If you're looking to produce professional looking videos, this course is a must.

All skills taught in Premiere Pro Level 1, particularly a good understanding of animating by using key frames.

After completing this course a student will be able to
• Use advanced editing and animation techniques
• Save time and create complex compositions with Nested Sequences
• Utilize the alpha channels of PSD and TIFFs
• Prepare vector files such as Illustator and PDFs for import
• Hide and reveal video elements by using the power of Track Mattes
• Shoot and key green/blue screen content
• Prepare a project for broadcast
• Use the advanced audio mixing features
• Edit multi-camera shoots
• Move smoothly between Premiere and After Effects, Encore, and Soundbooth
• Use speech recognition to find points on a clip based on words

Class materials
Steve uses his own videos and written materials for the class, but also provides student's who did not take the Level 1 course with their own copy of Adobe's Premiere Pro CS5 Classroom In A Book to use as a reference manual.

Art=Visual classes have plenty of hands-on practices that allow students to create real world art and compositions.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Clip and Track Markers
• Adding and deleting clip markers
• Syncing sound and effects to frames of video
• Using track markers to sync events
• Using track markers as DVD chapter stops
• Using track markers to leave notes

Lesson 2: Advanced Animation Techniques
• Manipulating temporal interpolation
• Manipulating spatial interpolatio

Lesson 3: Advanced Editing Techniques
• J and L cuts
• Lift and Extract commands
• 3 and 4 point edits
• Creating and editing subclips

Lesson 4:  Importing Graphics:  Advanced
• Basics of creating an alpha channel in Photoshop
• Importing PSDs
• Output view modes
• Reversing and canceling the alpha channel of a graphic
• Preparing Illustrator and PDF files for import
• Importing number stills sequences as a clip

Lesson 5: Nested Sequences
• Uses for Nested Sequences
• Creating new Sequences
• Adding Fade-ins, Fade-outs, and Effects to a Nested Sequence
• Editing Nested Sequences
• Nesting multiple clips into one Nested Clip
• Importing sequences from one project into another

Lesson 6: Blue/Green Screen Keying Effects
• How to set up a video shoot for blue/green screen effects
• Color Keys
• Garbage Mattes

Lesson 7:  Track Mattes and Luma Masks
• Luminance Keys
• Creating Luma and Chroma Masks with the Title Maker
• Creating Luma and Chroma Masks in Photoshop
• Track Mattes

Lesson 8: Audio Effects and Mixing
• Audio Equipment Needs: Microphones, Mixers, and Headphones
• Overview of Premiere Pro Audio Effects
• Applying and removing effects to a clip
• Manipulating effect options in the Effects Palette
• Animating effects
• Applying multiple effects
• Adjusting Audio Gain
• Audio Remapping
• The Premiere Pro Audio Mixer
• Mixing Automation Modes: Read, Write, Touch, and Latch
• Adding Effects to a Track
• Submixes and Sends
• Mixing 5.1 Surround Sound
• Multichannel Mixing
• Merge video and separately recorded audio into one clip

Lesson 9: Automated Slide show set to music
• The Automate to Timeline feature
• Flicker removal and still images
• Creating cross fades between songs

Lesson 10: Multi-Camera Editing
• Setting up to shoot a multi-camera project
• Using a Slate
• Syncing Audio to Video
• Multi-cam feature
• Editing your multi-cam edit

Lesson 11: Creating Dynamic Links
• Dynamic Links between Premiere and After Effects
• Dynamic Links between Premiere and Encore
• Dynamic Links between Premiere and Audition
• Editing dynamic links

Lesson 12:  Speech Recognition
• Encoding for Speech Recognition 
• Editing transcript
• Editing based on transcript
• Linking audio to a script

Lesson 13: Preparing a Project for Broadcast
• Conforming to legal broadcast standards
• New reference monitor
• Vectorscope and Waveform monitors
• Video Limiter filter

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